Ernesto Ríos is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who works with a diverse palette of tools: drawing, painting, video, photography, animation, virtual reality, performance, interactive art and net-art.

Ernesto Ríos.

He was born in Mexico where he studied Photography, Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, History of Art and Fine Arts. Ernesto holds a Masters Degree from Tisch School of the Arts (Interactive Telecommunications Program) at New York University. Ríos holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) from RMIT University.

He has had 26 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions in major cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Valencia, São Paulo, Melbourne and Mexico City.


•Java Museum Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art since 2007
•New Media Festival, Digital Media at the "Centre Cultural Valencia", Valencia, Spain, 2008
•IV and VI International Salon of Digital Art, at Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente, Havana Cuba, 2003 and 2004
•NetSpace: Viaggio nell'arte at National Museum of the XXI Century Arts in Rome, Italy, 2008.
•Labrys, Ernesto Ríos, Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia, Mexico. 2008
•True Beauty, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, Australia, 2010
•Pyramidal- labyrinths, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.2013
•Reconfiguring the Labyrinth, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.2013
•Maze-Lab, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, Australia.2014
•Sismo Gallery, Constelaciones, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017
•Code_of_the_forest, Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UDEM, N.L. Monterrey, Mexico, 2017
•“Ernesto Ríos CONSTELACIÓN ADN”, Puebla, Pue. Mexico, 2017
•2018 “Ernesto Ríos CONSTELACIÓN TEMPUS FUGIT”, Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca, Mor. México, 2018
•2018 “Ernesto Ríos CONSTELACIÓN DÉDALO”, Museo Güelu, Cuernavaca, Mor. México.

•Artistic Residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York City, USA 2003
•Tisch School of the Arts Scholarship, New York University, USA 2004
•Tisch School of the Arts Scholarship, New York University, USA 2005
•Tisch School of the Arts Scholarship, New York University, USA 2006
•The Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (EIPRS), Australia 2008-2013
•RMIT University International Research Scholarship RUIRS, Melbourne, Australia, 2008-2013
•Siemens RMIT Fine Art Scholarship, Melbourne, Australia, 2010.

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