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Exhibition: Pyramidal-labyrinths.

Anna Pappas Gallery

Opening Night: Friday 12 April, 6pm
Exhibition: 9 April - 27 April 2013

Born in a country of colossal pyramids, these forms began to appear almost unconsciously in the work of Ernesto Rios. Accessing this visual element prompted Rios towards architect, academic and theorist Bernard Tschumi’s celebrated text, Questions of Space, which proposes the idea of an “architecture of the senses and of the mind”.

In The Architectural Paradox: the Pyramid and the Labyrinth, Tschumi analyses the contrast between the pyramid as a symbol of the rational mind and the labyrinth as a symbol of the irrational body. He demonstrates that such oppositions are, in fact, complimentary and that one could not exist without the other. For him, the problem lies, not in perception, rather in representation. As a result, the fundamental paradox in the practice and experience of architecture is the "impossibility of questioning the nature of space and at the same time making or experiencing real space.” In Pyramidal-Labyrinths at Anna Pappas Gallery Rios presents a new body of work which continues his examination of this binary opposition.

Ernesto Rios was born in Mexico City where he studied Photography, Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, History of Art and Fine Arts. Rio’s holds a Masters Degree from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, and is currently a PhD candidate at RMIT University, Melbourne. Rios has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas, including 17 solo exhibitions and 60 group exhibitions in major cities such as New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Valencia, Sao Paulo, Melbourne and Mexico City.

Exhibition: 9 April - 27 April, 2013


New string to a long bow

Date: February 13, 2013

In an industry where the artists usually take centre stage, Juliana Engberg is one of a few curators whose profile is as high as the art works' creators. Her national and international tasks are legion. The latest appointment to be bestowed on the artistic director of Melbourne's ACCA is professorial fellow of the faculty of art, design and architecture at Monash University. The trip to Caulfield shouldn't trouble Engberg, who is used to crossing borders, both conceptual and physical. She has a long history of pursuing edgy and challenging names in contemporary art, has been an adviser to past Venice Biennale teams and in 2014 she will also helm the Sydney Biennale. She joins an energetic ''creative laboratory'', which also includes artist Callum Morton, that blurs the borders between art, design and architecture.

Anna Pappas says her new group show contains "two to three loud pieces and the rest are quiet and intense". The loud is likely to refer to a video from Danny Devos, the provocative Belgian artist with a fascination for true crime. He's represented in this show by a video work in which, says Pappas, he rolls down and up stairs "never actually remembering the pain". The exhibition's title and theme is Jamais Vu, a kind of reverse deja vu in which the familiar becomes unfamiliar. In a varied group of Australian and international artists, Mexican Ernesto Rios, now resident in Melbourne, embodies the theme through remembered pyramids he says appeared unconsciously in his work.

Project 13 - Jamais Vu is at Anna Pappas Gallery, 2-4 Carlton St, Prahran, until March 2.

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Anna Pappas Gallery
Project 13 – Jamais Vu
Including the works of thirteen contemporary Australian and international artists

Back from a brief break and a successful show at Art Stage Singapore 2013, Anna Pappas Gallery are pleased to invite you to the first show of the year Project 13 – Jamais Vu.

Widely viewed as the opposite of Déjà Vu, Jamais Vu is a phenomenon in which the familiar becomes unfamiliar, moments in which our cultural perspective is replaced with an instinctive perspective. Held in February each year, our annual project exhibition promotes and inspires innovative contemporary artists through a specific curatorial theme.

For 2013, Project 13 – Jamais Vu, will include the works of thirteen contemporary Australian and international artists, working in a wide range of disciplines from video, collage, installation, drawing and painting, exploring this psychological and philosophical concept.

Participating Artists

Holly-Anne Buck (UK), Danny Devos (Belgium), Heath Franco, Will French, Stephen Giblett, Christopher L G Hill, William Mackinnon, Clare Rae, Ernesto Rios (Mexico), Cameron Robbins, Marc Standing (Hong Kong/Sydney), Paul Williams, Soo Joo Yoo (Korea)

Curated by Anna Pappas
Guest Speaker: Ace Wagstaff, Arts Writer and Triple R “Art Attack” Presenter

Opening Night: Friday 15 February 2013, 6pm
RSVP: Tuesday 12 February
Exhibition Dates: 12 February – 2 March 2013
(please note the opening party is on Friday 15 February)

2-4 Carlton Street Prahran
Victoria 3181 Australia
Telephone +613 8598 9915
Tues to Fri 10–6 Sat 12–6

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